Design for America's Nap Map

North Lawn: Second Floor

If entering from North Lawn’s main, central doors, proceed up either of the adjacent staircases to the buildings second floor. If coming from either of the building two side entrances, walk towards the central doors and proceed up the stairs. Once on the second floor, two sets and black and red semi-circular oscillating couches should be visible. Congrats, you’ve found your nap destination! Feel free to lie anywhere on the couch set, or separate the couch sections to adjust to your preference.

Science and Engineering Complex: First Floor

Enter into the Science and Engineering complex through the building main archway, heading into either side of the building lower levels. Immediately after the entrance, sets of sofa chairs should be visible on the sides of the wall that also have windows. Feel free to make yourself in these lounge chairs while basking in the sun. Whether it’s a quick power nap before lab or a full recharge before class, this location is perfect for relaxing in a predominantly quiet environment.

Bevill: First Floor

Walk in Bevill’s main doors, turn right, go through the double doors, and on your left, you’ll see a pathway filled with dirt, trees, and rocks. There are plenty of benches and cafe tables to snooze on. While they may not be the most comfortable, this area of the building is relatively quiet and empty most of the time which means plenty of privacy while you snooze.

SERC: Second Floor

Walk in any of the entrances facing Shelby quad, and you’ll find couches and alcoves under the windows that are perfect for napping. Head up to the second floor and find the long hallway filled with comfy armchairs and lots of natural light to catch some zzz’s in between classes. The traffic through this hallway is light, but constant, so as long as you don’t mind being caught sleeping in public, this is a great choice.

Ferguson Student Center: Third Floor

Walk up the main set of stairs upon entering the building from the Starbucks entrance on the first floor or the dining area entrance on the second floor. When you reach the third floor, turn left at the top of the stairs and walk all the way down the hallway. To the right you’ll find nap spots galore, as long as you get there early. Traffic gets heavy around lunchtime, and competition for a spot on the couch can get intense.

Ferguson Student Center: Second Floor

This nap station is to the right of the second floor Ferg entrance on the fountain side. Traffic here can get rather busy during the day, and this spot is not recommended around lunchtime, but by late afternoon you should be able to take a relaxing snooze with little traffic to disrupt it.

Ferguson Student Center: Art Gallery

The perfect location if you are seeking a little more privacy, this can be found directly next to the TV lounge as described above. However, this area is a little more private, much quieter, and features some excellent chairs for optimal nap conditions.

The Quad

The heart of campus, the Quad is the best place to soak in the rays and close your eyes on a beautiful sunny day. Simply grab a spot and enjoy! Traffic will be busy, but if it is a nice day, chances are you’ll be one of the hundreds trying to catch a break on the Quad.

Rodgers Library

Enter Rodgers and directly to the right are comfy seats galore. This area can get loud and busy around mid-afternoon as the group projects get underway, but remains a great place to rest your eyes for a few minutes. Definitely not private, but no judgments here.

Gorgas Library: Floor 4M

This cozy spot can be found on floor 4M of Amelia Gayle Gorgas Library in the middle of campus. If you take the elevator, once you get out it can be found in the back right corner. The area includes 3 comfy couches along with some very snug armchairs. This location is perfect for a mid-study break nap. Its central location on campus is also perfect for anyone to take advantage of during their time on campus. Plus, it’s the quiet floor so no noise will interrupt your sleep!

Rowand Johnson: Basement

This quiet spot can be found by taking the left side stairwell once you walk in the front doors of Rowand Johnson. Once in the basement, this wooden – but surprisingly comfy – bench can be found on the right side of the hallway. It is the perfect spot to take advantage of for any students that find themselves on the west side of campus.

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